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What is an MP2 File?

MP2, short for MPEG-1 Audio Layer II, is a compressed audio format standardized by MPEG. It is commonly used for broadcasting and digital audio streaming.

Key Advantages of MP2 Files:

Broadcasting: MP2 is widely used for digital radio broadcasting due to its compression efficiency and audio quality.

Compatibility: Supported by many audio playback devices and software applications.

Decent Compression: MP2 achieves moderate compression while maintaining reasonable audio quality for its intended use.

Limitations of MP2 Files:

File Size: Compared to more modern codecs, MP2 may produce larger file sizes for similar audio quality.

Perceived Quality: MP2 may exhibit noticeable artifacts at lower bitrates compared to newer codecs.

Less Versatile: MP2's use is largely limited to broadcasting and specific digital audio streaming applications.


MP2 remains relevant in broadcasting and digital audio streaming for its balance of audio quality and compression efficiency, despite being superseded by newer codecs in other areas.

What is an AMR File?

AMR, short for Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec, is an audio compression format optimized for speech coding. It is commonly used in mobile telecommunications for voice recordings and VoIP applications.

Key Advantages of AMR Files:

Speech Optimization: AMR is designed to prioritize speech quality and intelligibility, making it suitable for mobile communications.

Low Bitrates: AMR achieves efficient compression at low bitrates, conserving network bandwidth.

Wide Adoption: Supported by most mobile devices and VoIP applications, ensuring compatibility.

Limitations of AMR Files:

Audio Fidelity: AMR sacrifices some audio quality for compression efficiency, making it less suitable for music or high-fidelity audio.

Use Case Specificity: AMR is primarily intended for speech coding and may not perform well for general audio applications.

Compatibility Outside Telecom: While widely supported in telecommunications, compatibility in other software and hardware may be limited.


AMR is valued for its efficiency in speech coding and widespread support in mobile telecommunications and VoIP applications.

How to Convert MP2 to AMR?

Step 1: Add Your Audio File

Drag and drop your MP2 audio file into the upload zone or click the 'Browse' button to select the file from your device.

Step 2: Set Audio Parameters

Select the desired settings for your AMR audio, such as bitrate, sample rate, and other options.

Step 3: Begin Audio Conversion

Press the 'Convert' button to start the conversion of your MP2 audio to AMR format.

Step 4: Download Audio File

After the conversion is complete, click on the 'Download' button to download your AMR audio file to your device.

Step 5: Additional Conversion

Click the 'Convert Another' button to convert another MP2 file to AMR.

MP2 to AMR Conversion FAQs

1. How does the MP2 to AMR conversion work?

Convert your MP2 audio files into the AMR format, known for its superior audio quality and low latency performance.

2. How can I upload MP2 files for conversion to AMR?

Simply drag your MP2 files into the designated area or click 'Browse' to select them from your device.

3. How do I download the converted AMR file?

After conversion, click the Download link to save the AMR file to your device.

4. Can I convert multiple MP2 files to AMR in one session?

Yes, you can convert multiple MP2 files to AMR one after another without any limits.

5. How can I convert another MP2 file?

Use the 'Convert Another Audio' option or the file uploader to start a new conversion.

6. Is the MP2 to AMR conversion secure?

Absolutely. The entire process happens on the client side, keeping your files secure.

7. Where can I get help if I encounter issues with MP2 to AMR conversion?

If you need assistance, contact our support team via the 'Contact Us' page. We're here to help!