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What is a DTS File?

DTS, short for Digital Theater Systems, is a series of multi-channel audio technologies. It is known for its high-quality surround sound and is commonly used in home theater systems and Blu-ray discs.

Key Advantages of DTS Files:

Surround Sound: DTS supports multi-channel audio, delivering immersive surround sound experiences.

High Audio Quality: DTS maintains high fidelity audio, suitable for home theater and cinematic experiences.

Wide Adoption: Supported by many home theater systems, Blu-ray discs, and digital media players.

Limitations of DTS Files:

File Size: DTS files can be large due to their high-quality audio, which may impact storage and transmission.

Licensing: Use of DTS may require licensing fees, particularly in commercial applications.

Compatibility: While widely supported in home entertainment, compatibility in software and non-standard hardware may vary.


DTS is valued for its immersive surround sound and high audio quality, making it a popular choice in home theater systems and cinematic experiences.

How to split DTS audio?

Step 1: Choose Audio File

Drag and drop your DTS audio file into the specified area or click 'Browse' to upload it from your computer.

Step 2: Set Splitting Parameters

Choose the desired settings for your split, including the duration of each part or the number of parts you want.

Step 3: Start the Splitting

Press the 'Split' button to divide your DTS audio file.

Step 4: Get Split Audio

Once the splitting is finished, click the 'Download' button to save the split DTS audio files.

Step 5: Split a New Audio File

Click 'Split Another Audio' or use the delete icon to reset the tool and start splitting a new audio file.

DTS Audio Splitting FAQs

1. How can I split a DTS audio file?

You can split a DTS audio file by uploading it to our tool, choosing the splitting option, and then downloading the split files.

2. What are the benefits of splitting a DTS audio file?

There are several reasons to split an audio file: managing file size, focusing on specific parts, and making it suitable for social media sharing.

3. What is the method to upload DTS audio files for splitting?

Upload your DTS audio files by dragging them into the upload area or using the 'Browse' button to choose files from your computer.

4. Can I break DTS audio files into smaller parts?

You can divide DTS audio files into several segments by selecting the 'Number of Parts' option and entering the required number of parts.

5. What is the process for downloading the split DTS audio segments?

Once the splitting process is done, click the 'Download' button to save the split DTS audio files to your computer.

6. How do I split DTS audio files by fixed duration using the tool?

To split DTS audio files by fixed duration, select the 'Fixed Duration' option and specify the length for each segment.

7. How can splitting DTS audio files be beneficial?

Splitting DTS audio files is useful for creating WhatsApp status updates, which have a 30-second limit. It also helps in preparing audio for Instagram stories, LinkedIn posts, and other platforms with audio length restrictions.

8. In what ways can splitting DTS audio files benefit social media sharing?

Splitting DTS audio files helps in creating content that fits the length requirements of social media platforms, making it more shareable and engaging.

9. Why should I split DTS audio files for WhatsApp status?

By splitting DTS audio files into 30-second clips, you can easily share longer audio on WhatsApp status, making sure your entire message is delivered.

10. Is it possible to split multiple DTS audio files one after another?

You can split multiple DTS audio files one after another by clicking 'Split Another Audio', using the delete icon, or uploading a new audio file.

11. Who do I contact for support with splitting DTS audio files?

If you encounter any issues while splitting DTS audio files, visit the 'Contact Us' page to get help from our support team.