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What is a PCM File?

PCM, short for Pulse-Code Modulation, is a standard method for digitally representing analog signals. It is often used for uncompressed audio in formats like WAV and AIFF.

Key Advantages of PCM Files:

Uncompressed Quality: PCM retains the exact waveform of the original analog audio signal, ensuring high fidelity.

Simple Encoding: PCM is straightforward to encode and decode, making it widely compatible with audio processing software and hardware.

Lossless: PCM does not compress audio data, preserving audio quality without any loss or artifacts.

Limitations of PCM Files:

Large File Sizes: Uncompressed PCM files can be very large, which may not be practical for storage or distribution without compression.

Compatibility: While widely supported, PCM's uncompressed nature may limit its use in scenarios requiring efficient storage or transmission.


PCM is ideal for scenarios where maintaining the highest audio quality is crucial, such as in professional audio production and archiving.

How to split PCM audio?

Step 1: Load Audio File

Upload your PCM audio file by dragging it into the upload area or selecting it from your device using the 'Browse' button.

Step 2: Configure Splitting Settings

Set your preferred options for splitting the audio, such as the duration for each part or the total number of segments.

Step 3: Begin Splitting

Initiate the splitting by clicking on the 'Split' button to divide your PCM audio file.

Step 4: Get Your Split Audio

Click the 'Download' button to download the split PCM audio files after the process is done.

Step 5: Resetting for Another Audio File

To split another audio file, click the 'Split Another Audio' button or use the delete icon to remove the current file and upload a new one.

PCM Audio Splitting FAQs

1. What steps are involved in splitting a PCM audio file?

You can split a PCM audio file by uploading it to our tool, choosing the splitting option, and then downloading the split files.

2. Why would I need to split a PCM audio file?

Breaking down an audio file into smaller segments can make it more manageable, easier to share, and suitable for various platforms.

3. How can I upload PCM audio files for splitting?

To add PCM audio files, drag and drop them into the upload zone or click 'Browse' to select from your device.

4. Is it possible to divide PCM audio files into several segments?

Splitting PCM audio files into multiple parts is easy with our tool. Just choose the 'Number of Parts' option and enter the number of segments needed.

5. What is the process for downloading the split PCM audio segments?

After the splitting process is complete, a 'Download' button will appear. Click it to download the split PCM audio files to your device.

6. How do I split PCM audio files by fixed duration using the tool?

Divide PCM audio files into segments of specific lengths by selecting the 'Fixed Duration' option and setting the duration.

7. In what scenarios should I split PCM audio files?

Consider splitting PCM audio files for easier sharing on social media, creating status updates for WhatsApp, and meeting the length requirements of platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

8. How does splitting PCM audio files make social media sharing easier?

By splitting PCM audio files, you can meet the requirements of various social media platforms, making it easier to share and distribute your content effectively.

9. What is the benefit of splitting audio files for WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp status updates are limited to 30 seconds. Splitting your PCM audio files into 30-second segments ensures that you can share longer audio in a series of status updates.

10. How can I split a new PCM audio after finishing one?

Yes, you can reset and split another PCM audio file by clicking the 'Split Another Audio' button, clicking the delete icon under the uploader, or by uploading a new file.

11. Where can I get help if I encounter issues with splitting PCM audio files?

You can get support for PCM audio splitting issues by contacting our team through the 'Contact Us' page on our website.