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    Zip Extractor Tool

    The Zip Extractor feature on ConversionTab is a robust solution for decompressing your files. Easily upload and extract contents from a range of supported compressed files by either selecting them or dragging and dropping them onto the tool. After extraction, conveniently download individual items or the entire folder from the list of contents.

    How to Extract Your Files

    Upload Your Compressed File:
    You can either select your compressed file by clicking the 'Upload' button or simply drag and drop it onto the tool.
    Initiate the extraction by clicking the 'Extract' button. Upon completion, you'll be presented with a list of files and folders, ready for download.

    Zip Extractor FAQs

    Q3. What types of compressed files can I extract?
    The Zip Extractor handles various formats such as Zip, 7-Zip, Rar, Gzip, and Bzip, allowing you to access files and folders contained within.
    Q4. Is there a limit to the size of the compressed file I can extract?
    While our tool can process files of various sizes, please note that larger files may require more time to extract fully.
    Q5. Can I choose where to save the extracted files?
    After extraction, you can select your preferred download location on your device to save the files.
    Q6. Are the extracted files safe and secure?
    Extraction is performed client-side, ensuring that your files remain secure and private with no server uploads.
    Q7. Can I extract password-protected files?
    Yes, our tool supports the extraction of password-protected archives. You'll be prompted to enter the password during the extraction process.
    Q8. Is this tool compatible with all operating systems?
    Absolutely, our web-based Zip Extractor operates seamlessly across all major operating systems through modern web browsers.

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