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What is INI?

INI (Initialization) is a simple configuration file format used to store settings and configuration data in a human-readable and easy-to-write format. It is widely used in software applications, operating systems, and web servers to configure settings such as database connections, logging levels, and application parameters.

One of the key features of INI files is their simplicity and readability. INI files consist of sections, each containing key-value pairs that specify configuration settings. Comments can be included in the file to provide additional context or explanations.

INI files are typically used as a lightweight alternative to more complex configuration formats such as XML or JSON. They are easy to edit manually with a text editor and can be parsed efficiently by software applications.

INI files are supported by many programming languages through libraries and tools for reading and writing configuration data. They are often used in conjunction with software frameworks and libraries to configure application behavior and customize user preferences.