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What is an FLV File?

FLV, or Flash Video, is a format used to deliver video content over the internet using Adobe Flash Player.

Key Advantages of FLV Files:

Streaming: FLV is optimized for online streaming and widely used for embedded video on websites.

Compression: FLV files are relatively small due to efficient compression techniques.

Limitations of FLV Files:

Compatibility: FLV is becoming less common as Flash Player is phased out and replaced by newer technologies.

Quality: FLV may not offer the same level of quality as newer formats like MP4.


FLV was once a standard for web video, but its usage is declining in favor of newer formats with better compatibility and quality.

What is a DIVX File?

DIVX is a video codec and file format designed for high-quality video compression, popular for its ability to compress lengthy video segments.

Key Advantages of DIVX Files:

Compression: DIVX provides high compression rates without significant loss of quality.

Quality: DIVX files can maintain good video quality even at high compression.

Limitations of DIVX Files:

Compatibility: DIVX may not be as widely supported on all devices and media players.

Usage: DIVX is less commonly used today compared to other formats like MP4.


DIVX is a good choice for compressing and maintaining high-quality video, though its usage and compatibility may be limited compared to more modern formats.

How to convert FLV to DIVX?

Step 1: Upload Your Video

To upload your FLV video, drag and drop the file onto the designated area or click 'Browse' to choose the file from your computer.

Step 2: Configure Output Settings

Set your preferred options for the DIVX video, such as resolution, bitrate, and any additional settings.

Step 3: Convert Video

Click on the 'Convert' button to start converting your FLV video to DIVX format.

Step 4: Get Your Converted Video

When the conversion process is done, click on the 'Download' button to retrieve your DIVX video file.

Step 5: Resetting for Another Video File

To convert another video, click the 'Convert Another Video' button or use the file uploader to add a new FLV video file.

FLV to DIVX Conversion FAQs

1. Is the FLV to DIVX conversion easy?

Our process ensures smooth conversion from FLV to DIVX. Upload your FLV file, and our tool will convert it to a high-quality DIVX file.

2. How can I upload FLV files for conversion to DIVX?

Simply drag your FLV files into the designated area or click 'Browse' to select them from your device. The upload process is quick and easy, allowing you to start converting your FLV files to DIVX in no time.

3. How do I download the converted DIVX file?

Your DIVX file can be downloaded by clicking Download. The download link will be provided after the conversion process is finished, enabling you to save the DIVX file.

4. Is there a way to convert multiple FLV files to DIVX in a single session?

There is no restriction on converting multiple FLV files to DIVX. You can upload and convert several FLV files to DIVX in a single session, making the process efficient.

5. Can I convert another FLV file after one is complete?

Initiate a new conversion process by selecting 'Convert Another' or uploading. This feature allows you to begin another FLV to DIVX conversion right away.

6. Are FLV files securely converted to DIVX?

Your files are secure as the conversion is performed on the client side. The FLV to DIVX conversion ensures that your data is not exposed to any external servers.

7. Are the DIVX files high quality after conversion?

Our conversion process delivers high-quality DIVX files. We prioritize quality, ensuring that your FLV files are converted to DIVX without any loss of quality.

8. How big can FLV files be for conversion?

You can upload files up to 25MB in size for conversion. This limit ensures that the conversion process is quick and efficient, providing you with a DIVX file without delay.

9. Does converting FLV to DIVX take a long time?

File size and internet speed affect conversion time, but it's typically fast. Our tool is designed to provide quick conversions, ensuring you get your DIVX file without any delays.

10. What support is available for FLV to DIVX conversion issues?

For help, reach out to our support team through the 'Contact Us' page. Our team is available to assist you with any problems or questions related to the FLV to DIVX conversion.