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What is an M2TS File?

M2TS is a video container format used for high-definition video on Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD, commonly used by digital camcorders.

Key Advantages of M2TS Files:

Quality: M2TS offers high-definition video quality, suitable for professional use.

Compression: M2TS provides efficient compression, balancing quality and file size.

Limitations of M2TS Files:

Compatibility: M2TS is not as widely supported as some other formats like MP4.

File Size: High-definition M2TS files can be large.


M2TS is ideal for high-definition video recording and playback, offering excellent quality, though compatibility and file size may be considerations.

What is an H.264 File?

H.264, also known as AVC (Advanced Video Coding), is a widely used video compression standard offering high-quality video at lower bitrates.

Key Advantages of H.264 Files:

Quality: H.264 provides excellent video quality with efficient compression.

Compatibility: H.264 is widely supported by most devices, platforms, and media players.

Limitations of H.264 Files:

Processing: Encoding and decoding H.264 can require more processing power compared to older formats.

Licensing: H.264 is not open-source, and using it in some applications may require licensing fees.


H.264 is a highly efficient and widely compatible format, ideal for high-quality video across various platforms, though licensing and processing power may be considerations.

How to convert M2TS to H264?

Step 1: Upload Your Video

To upload your M2TS video, drag and drop the file onto the designated area or click 'Browse' to choose the file from your computer.

Step 2: Configure Output Settings

Set your preferred options for the H264 video, such as resolution, bitrate, and any additional settings.

Step 3: Convert Video

Click on the 'Convert' button to start converting your M2TS video to H264 format.

Step 4: Save Your Video

After the conversion is complete, a 'Download' button will appear. Click it to download the H264 video to your computer.

Step 5: Ready for More?

To convert another M2TS video, click 'Convert Another Video' or use the uploader to choose a new file.

M2TS to H264 Conversion FAQs

1. How does the M2TS to H264 conversion work?

Experience hassle-free M2TS to H264 conversion with us. Upload your M2TS file, and our tool will convert it to H264 with ease.

2. How do I add M2TS files for converting to H264?

Select your M2TS files for upload by dragging or browsing. Our tool supports multiple upload methods, making it simple to start converting your M2TS files to H264.

3. How do I get the H264 file once the conversion is complete?

You can download the H264 file by clicking the Download button. The download link will be available once the conversion is complete, allowing you to save the H264 file to your device.

4. Is batch conversion of M2TS files to H264 supported?

You can batch convert M2TS files to H264 without any issues. The tool supports multiple uploads, enabling you to convert several M2TS files to H264 at once.

5. Is there a way to start another M2TS conversion?

Start a new conversion by using the 'Convert Another' option or file uploader. This allows you to begin another M2TS to H264 conversion right after one is complete.

6. Are my M2TS files safe during the H264 conversion?

Absolutely. The entire process happens on the client side, keeping your files secure. Your M2TS files are not uploaded to our server, ensuring your data remains private.

7. Is the quality of H264 files ensured during conversion?

Your H264 files will be high quality once conversion is complete. We guarantee that the converted H264 files will retain the same quality as the original M2TS files.

8. How big can M2TS files be for conversion?

You can upload files up to 25MB in size for conversion. This limit ensures that the conversion process is quick and efficient, providing you with a H264 file without delay.

9. Does converting M2TS to H264 take a long time?

File size and internet speed affect conversion time, but it's typically fast. Our tool is designed to provide quick conversions, ensuring you get your H264 file without any delays.

10. How can I resolve problems with M2TS to H264 conversion?

If you need assistance, contact our support team via the 'Contact Us' page. We're here to help you with any issues or questions you may have about the M2TS to H264 conversion process.