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What is an OGG File?

OGG is a free, open container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation, used for storing video, audio, and metadata.

Key Advantages of OGG Files:

Open Source: OGG is a free and open format, with no licensing fees.

Quality: OGG can offer good video and audio quality.

Limitations of OGG Files:

Compatibility: OGG is not as widely supported as some other formats like MP4.

File Size: Depending on compression, OGG files can vary in size.


OGG is a versatile, open-source format suitable for various types of media, though it may not be as universally compatible as more common formats.

What is an MTS File?

MTS is a video format used for high-definition video on AVCHD and Blu-ray Disc, often used by digital camcorders.

Key Advantages of MTS Files:

Quality: MTS offers high-definition video quality, suitable for professional video recording.

Compression: MTS files use efficient compression, balancing quality and file size.

Limitations of MTS Files:

Compatibility: MTS is not as widely supported as some other formats like MP4.

File Size: High-definition MTS files can be large.


MTS is a great choice for high-definition video recording, offering excellent quality, though compatibility and file size may be considerations.

How to convert OGG to MTS?

Step 1: Upload Your Video

To upload your OGG video, drag and drop the file onto the designated area or click 'Browse' to choose the file from your computer.

Step 2: Set Conversion Parameters

Choose the desired settings for your MTS video, including resolution, bitrate, and other preferences.

Step 3: Convert Video

Click on the 'Convert' button to start converting your OGG video to MTS format.

Step 4: Get Your Converted Video

When the conversion process is done, click on the 'Download' button to retrieve your MTS video file.

Step 5: Convert Another Video

Click on the 'Convert Another Video' button or use the file uploader to select and convert a new OGG video file.

OGG to MTS Conversion FAQs

1. What is the process for converting OGG files to MTS?

The OGG to MTS conversion is straightforward and simple. Upload your OGG file, and our tool will convert it to MTS quickly and efficiently.

2. How can I choose OGG files for conversion to MTS?

Drag OGG files into the upload area or use 'Browse' to select. The upload process is intuitive, and you can easily add your OGG files for conversion to MTS.

3. Where can I download my MTS file?

Click the Download button to save the MTS file to your computer. The download link will be accessible once the conversion is finished, enabling you to save the MTS file.

4. Can I convert more than one OGG file to MTS at once?

There is no restriction on converting multiple OGG files to MTS. You can upload and convert several OGG files to MTS in a single session, making the process efficient.

5. Is there an option to convert additional OGG files?

Start a new conversion by using the 'Convert Another' option or file uploader. This allows you to begin another OGG to MTS conversion right after one is complete.

6. Are OGG files securely converted to MTS?

Absolutely. The entire process happens on the client side, keeping your files secure. Your OGG files are not uploaded to our server, ensuring your data remains private.

7. Are the MTS files high quality after conversion?

The conversion process ensures high-quality output for all MTS files. Our tool is designed to maintain the integrity and quality of your OGG files when converting to MTS.

8. What is the maximum size for OGG files?

Keep OGG files under 25MB to use the converter. This size limit helps maintain the efficiency and speed of the conversion process, ensuring you get your MTS file without any delays.

9. How quickly can I convert OGG to MTS?

Conversion time varies by file size and internet speed, but it's generally quick. Our tool is designed to provide fast conversions, ensuring you get your MTS file without any delays.

10. Where can I get help if I encounter issues with OGG to MTS conversion?

Need assistance? Use the 'Contact Us' page to reach our support team. We are here to help you with any issues or questions about the OGG to MTS conversion process.