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What is an FLV File?

FLV, or Flash Video, is a format used to deliver video content over the internet using Adobe Flash Player.

Key Advantages of FLV Files:

Streaming: FLV is optimized for online streaming and widely used for embedded video on websites.

Compression: FLV files are relatively small due to efficient compression techniques.

Limitations of FLV Files:

Compatibility: FLV is becoming less common as Flash Player is phased out and replaced by newer technologies.

Quality: FLV may not offer the same level of quality as newer formats like MP4.


FLV was once a standard for web video, but its usage is declining in favor of newer formats with better compatibility and quality.

How to split FLV video?

Step 1: Choose Your Video

Upload your FLV video file by dragging and dropping it into the upload area or by clicking 'Browse' to select it from your device.

Step 2: Choose Splitting Method

Select the method to split your FLV video: by fixed duration or by number of parts.

Step 3: Define Segment Settings

Set the segment length for fixed duration splits or specify the number of segments for splitting by parts.

Step 4: Start the Splitting

Press the 'Split' button to divide your FLV video into segments as per your chosen settings.

Step 5: Get Your Split Video

Once the splitting is done, click on the 'Download' button to save the split FLV video file to your device.

Step 6: Reset for New Video

To split another FLV video file, follow these steps:

Click on the 'Split Another Video' button.

Click the delete icon under the uploader.

Click on the file uploader to select a new video file.

Drag and drop a new video file onto the uploader.

FLV Video Splitting FAQs

1. How can I split a FLV video file?

You can split a FLV video by uploading it to our tool, choosing the splitting option, and then downloading the split files.

2. When should I consider splitting a FLV video?

Splitting videos helps in sharing smaller clips on social media, reduces file size for easier handling, and meets specific platform length requirements.

3. What is the method to upload FLV videos for splitting?

You can select FLV video files for splitting by dragging them to the upload area or clicking 'Browse' to choose from your computer.

4. Is it possible to divide FLV videos into several segments?

Our tool allows you to split FLV videos into as many parts as you want. Just choose the 'Number of Parts' option and enter the desired number of segments.

5. How do I get the split FLV video files after processing?

To download the split FLV video files, click the 'Download' button that appears after the splitting is finished.

6. Can I divide FLV videos into segments of specific lengths?

You can split FLV videos by choosing the 'Fixed Duration' option and entering the length of each segment.

7. Why should I consider splitting FLV videos?

Splitting FLV videos is useful for creating WhatsApp status updates, which have a 30-second limit. It also helps in preparing videos for Instagram stories, LinkedIn posts, and other platforms with video length restrictions.

8. In what ways can splitting FLV videos benefit social media sharing?

Splitting FLV videos allows you to create shorter clips that are easier to share on social media platforms, which often have video length limits. This ensures your content is accessible and engaging.

9. What is the benefit of splitting videos for WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp status updates are limited to 30 seconds. Splitting your FLV videos into 30-second segments ensures that you can share longer videos in a series of status updates.

10. How can I split a new FLV video after finishing one?

It's possible to split multiple FLV videos by resetting the tool with the 'Split Another Video' button or the delete icon, then uploading a new file.

11. How can I get assistance for problems with FLV video splitting?

You can get support for FLV video splitting issues by contacting our team through the 'Contact Us' page on our website.