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What is an H.265 File?

H.265, also known as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), is a video compression standard designed to succeed H.264, offering even better compression and quality.

Key Advantages of H.265 Files:

Quality: H.265 provides superior video quality at lower bitrates, making it ideal for high-definition and 4K video.

Compression: H.265 offers efficient compression, reducing file sizes while maintaining quality.

Limitations of H.265 Files:

Compatibility: H.265 is newer and may not be supported by all older devices and media players.

Processing: Encoding and decoding H.265 requires significant processing power.


H.265 is an excellent choice for high-quality, high-efficiency video compression, especially for HD and 4K content, though compatibility and processing power may be considerations.

How to split H265 video?

Step 1: Load Your Video

Upload your H265 video file by dragging it into the upload area or selecting it from your device using the 'Browse' button.

Step 2: Select Splitting Option

Choose whether to split your H265 video by fixed duration or by number of parts.

Step 3: Define Splitting Settings

If using fixed duration, set the segment length. If splitting by parts, specify the number of segments.

Step 4: Split Your Video

Click on the 'Split' button to initiate the splitting process for your H265 video.

Step 5: Get Your Split Video

Once the splitting is done, click on the 'Download' button to save the split H265 video file to your device.

Step 6: Reset for New Video

To split another H265 video file, follow these steps:

Click on the 'Split Another Video' button.

Click the delete icon under the uploader.

Click on the file uploader to select a new video file.

Drag and drop a new video file onto the uploader.

H265 Video Splitting FAQs

1. What is the process for splitting a H265 video?

To divide a H265 video, upload it, choose the split method, and download the segments from our online tool.

2. What are the benefits of splitting a H265 video?

Breaking down a video into smaller segments can make it more manageable, easier to share, and suitable for various platforms.

3. How do I add H265 video files to the splitter tool?

Upload H265 videos by dragging and dropping into the designated area or by clicking 'Browse' to select files.

4. Can I split H265 videos into multiple parts?

To break H265 videos into smaller sections, select the 'Number of Parts' option and specify the number of segments.

5. How do I download the split H265 video files?

After the splitting is finished, you can download the split H265 video files by clicking the 'Download' button.

6. Can I divide H265 videos into segments of specific lengths?

Splitting H265 videos by fixed duration is possible by choosing the 'Fixed Duration' option and entering the segment length.

7. In what scenarios should I split H265 videos?

Splitting H265 videos is useful for creating WhatsApp status updates, which have a 30-second limit. It also helps in preparing videos for Instagram stories, LinkedIn posts, and other platforms with video length restrictions.

8. How can splitting H265 videos help with social media sharing?

Splitting H265 videos helps in creating content that fits the length requirements of social media platforms, making it more shareable and engaging.

9. How does splitting H265 videos help with WhatsApp status updates?

WhatsApp status updates are limited to 30 seconds. Splitting your H265 videos into 30-second segments ensures that you can share longer videos in a series of status updates.

10. Can I reset and split another H265 video file?

You can split multiple H265 videos one after another by clicking 'Split Another Video', using the delete icon, or uploading a new video file.

11. Who do I contact for support with splitting H265 videos?

If you need assistance, contact our support team via the 'Contact Us' page. We're here to help with any issues you may encounter.